Bathing My Daughter (M/f)
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Thanks for the kind words and constructive criticism guys. Here's the
next one. Hope the formatting is right this time. I think it got lost in


Ben and Rebecca Marks were well-off professionals in their
late thirties living in a nice suburb of New York. Rebecca
was Professor Marks, a noted Progressive Psychologist who
taught in a university 30 miles away. Ben ran his own
import/export business. They had one daughter, Sarah, who
had just turned 13.
Ben sat on the end of their bed. He was wearing only his
bathrobe. He was quite well built. (He went to the gym 3
times a week) He didn¹t look very happy.
"I dunno, Bec. I don't think this is a good idea at all."
His wife was a tall, thin women with long black hair and a
prominent, but not unattractive, nose. She was wearing grey
slacks and a white blouse. With exagerated patience she
squatted down in front of him and brushed his hair with her
hand. "Ben, honey. We've been through this already. No
daughter of mine is gonna find out the facts of life from
some kid with spots behind the lockers. She is going to be
taught by someone she loves and trusts, who knows what he's
doing and cares deeply about her. And that man, my love, is
you, her father."
He shook his head slowly. "I dunno, Bec. What if I hurt
"You won't, honey. Listen. My Poppa taught me when I was
thirteen and then he taught my two sisters when they were
thirteen and we loved him all the more for it. Believe me,
honey, she'll thank you for it."
"I , I , I suppose. If you're sure."
"Sure I'm sure honey. I'll go get Sarah."
Rebecca came back a moment later with their daughter, a
strikingly pretty girl with shoulder-length straight dark
brown hair, full red lips that could pout in the pouting
olympics and grey-green eyes. She wore only a pale cotton
nightie, just long enough to cover her bottom ans blue
slip-on mules.
"Hi Princess." said Ben.
"Hey Poppa." she replied. Her voice trembled a little.
Rebecca held her shoulders and looked straight into her
eyes. "Now baby. Your Poppa's going to do something really
nice for you, just like my Poppa did for me. It may be a
little uncomfortable but Poppa's going to try his best not
to hurt you. Momma's going to be right here all the time."
Sarah pulled a face. "Momma! This is my Poppa. He would
never hurt me. You don't need to stay."
Rebecca was slightly put out. "Oh! Okaaay. Momma's gonna
just step outside and , uh, just leave the door ajar."
Sarah folded her arms. "Momma! You told me already what¹s
gonna happen and I¹m OK. I cannot do this if I know you're
listening outside and I don¹t think Poppa can either. Go
shopping, will ya."
Rebecca brushed a non existent hair from her face and
swallowed back a fictional tear. "Well, if that's how you
want it... I'll be at Macey's."
Ben stood up to say something but Sarah put her finger to
her lips to sush him. They waited a moment until she left
the house, then another minute until the car pulled out of
the drive.
Sarah broke into a big grin. "I thought she'd never leave!"
She jumped at her father, threw her arms around his neck
and her legs around his waist. Automatically, Ben supported
her buttocks and was appalled to find she had nothing on
under the nightie. Holy shit! He was holding his daughter's
naked butt! Despite his nerves and deep liberal misgivings,
he kinda liked it.
She gave him a big kiss on the lips and a dazzling smile.
"Okay Poppa, pop my cherry!"
Ben half fell, half sat on the bed. "Yyy-you mean, you
don't mind, Princess?"
"What's to mind, Poppa?" she ran her hand over his
chest."Ooo, nice muscles. You're my Poppa. You wouldn't
hurt me. So where do we start?"
Ben shook his head. "I just don't know about this,
Princess. You're my only daughter. I carried you on my
shoulders, changed your diapers, I bathed you fer goodness
sake. You're my little girl."
He was close to tears. Sarah lifted his chin. "Poppa, I'm
your daughter, but I'm not a little girl anymore. Momma
told me its time for me to share myself with the man I
love, and that¹s you, Poppa."
He looked into his daughter's beautiful eyes and was
ashamed of the feelings that were starting to stir between
his legs. "Oh Princess. I don't know..."
Suddenly she brightened. "I got an idea! Stay here Poppa.
I'll be back in a couple of minutes."
Ben sat there, confused. He wanted to please his wife and
fulfill his fatherly duties but Sarah was his little girl!
At the same time he was aware that her kiss started
something inside him that he didn't know existed before.
"Poppa! C'mere!"
He followed her call to the bathroom, a large room with
deep, soft white carpets. She'd run a bath.
"I kinda remember you bathing me, Poppa. I liked it. It
made me feel warm and loved." She undid her nightie and it
dropped to the floor. "Come and bathe me again."
She had a long, slender frame with breasts that still had
puffy nipples. Her pussy was more a little kitten with just
a few strands of dark hair. Her legs were slim and seemed to
go on forever."God, Princess! You're , you're , amazing!"
She smiled "Thank you, Poppa." and got in the bath. She
held out her arms. "Bathe me, Poppa, I bin a dirty little
girl. I got all muddy in the park."
He knelt down beside her and rubbed the soap between his
hands. He started on her right foot. Sarah was a bit
disgusted. "Oh Poppa! What does this say about you that you
start with my feet?"
"I like your feet. I've always liked your feet. They're
cute. You just relax, Princess. I've had a lot of
experience with bathing you and I always started with the
feet." and having washed one, he kissed it before moving to
the other. He did both calves and then started on the thighs.
"Umm Poppa. Now we're cookin. You got a nice touch."
Ben got as far as two inches from the top of her thighs and
then switched to her back. Sarah lost patience. She took his
soapy hand and laid it on her left breast."Do these, Poppa.
They're really dirty. They need a LOT of washing."
He soaped his daughter's breasts. They were firm yet soft.
He noted with satisfaction that her nipples were both
standing out and paid special attention to them. "Ooo
Poppa! That's gooood. You my NICE Poppa."
He rinsed her breasts and leaned forward to suck the right
nipple. She caught her breath as he gave the first suck.
"Woah Poppa! Oh, do that again."
Ben¹s mind was reeling. Bec would never let him do this.
Hell, she hardly ever let him have sex, and then only on
her terms. Straightforward intercourse, both of them lying
on their side. He so wanted to bathe his wife. He was
brought out of his reverie by Sarah. ³Poppa, you haven¹t
done between my legs yet.²
He smiled. ³I know, Princess. I always left that until
last. When you were a baby it used to go off on its own
She blushed. ³You know, I remember liking it when you
bathed me. Momma used to do it in a rush but you played
with the plastic duck and told me stories and wrapped me up
in a warm towel after and hugged me a lot.²
³I loved bathing my little Princess. I especially loved
this bit. It made you laugh sometimes² and he started to
wash between her legs. Sarah closed her eyes as she
savoured the feeling of her father¹s big strong hands on
her pudendum. ²Really Poppa? (ooo that¹s nice) I can¹t
think why. Ooo, a little higher please. Ohhhh! That¹s the
She threw her head back and he kissed her full red lips,
this time with real passion as he rubbed her clitoris. He
alternated between kissing her breasts and her lips while
he rubbed her soapy little clit. He was loving giving his
little Princess pleasure as much as she was enjoying
receiving it. Then she let out a yell. ³Oh Poppa! I feel
... strange! What¹s happening Poppa?²
³Its okay Princess. This is the really good bit. Just enjoy
it. Poppa¹s got ya.²
She closed her eyes. ³Oooo yeah. Clever Poppa¹s got his
little girl soooo well. Ooooooo!²
She was breathing hard. ³Faster, Poppa, faster!² then threw
back her head and screamed ³POPPAAAAaaa!²
He looked into her clear grey-green eyes. "I guess you're
not my little girl anymore." and kissed her full and deep.
She held him tight, her wet arms soaking his bathrobe "I'll
always be your little girl Poppa but now its time to make me
a woman."
She stood up and held out her arms. "Dry me, Poppa."
He wrapped her in a towel and held her in his arms, kissing
her neck from behind. ³Princess, would you believe me if I
said I never dreampt of this?²
She felt his hard penis poke her behind. She turned to him
and opened his wet bathrobe. Looking down with surprise and
joy at the size and thickness of her father¹s manhood she
said ³Well I think I¹m dreaming now! Poppa, can I touch it?²
Ben blushed at his daughter¹s admiration.²Sure, Princess.
That¹s why we¹re here.²
His daughter¹s right hand, still warm and wrinkled from the
bath held his penis while the left lightly fingered his
testicles. A thrill went through Ben at her touch and
startled her. ³Ooo, did I hurt you Poppa? Momma warned me
those things are delicate.²
³No, Princess. Its just - well I¹m not used to being held
down there.²
She kissed him. ³Anyway, you seem to have overcome your
lack of lust. So tell me Poppa, was it my perky little
tits, my cute little ass or my almost bald cunny that
finally got the old man¹s attention?
He smiled. Hearing his sweet demure daughter saying Œrude¹
words was a turn-on. ³Tits? Ass? Cunny? You kiss your
mother with that mouth?²
³Uh-uh, but I suck my Poppa¹s cock.² and she dropped to her
knees. Her full, soft red lips kissed his penis on the end
sending a shockwave of pleasure through her father. She
touched the end with her tongue, as if tasting to see if
she¹d like it then took it in her mouth as far as it could
go. Her tongue licked it inside while her lips moved up and
down the shaft.
It was so wonderful. Against his will Ben found himself
begging her to stop. ³Why Poppa? Don¹t you like it? I do?²
He pulled her to her feet. ³Yes Princess. I like it waaaay
too much. That¹s the best blow job I¹ve ever had. Hell, its
the ONLY blowjob I¹ve ever had. But this is supposed to be
about you. About giving pleasure to you.²
³Gee Poppa! Doesn¹t Momma ever give you a blowjob. If I was
married to a cock like that I¹d wanna do it all the time.²
Sarah¹s open admiration was heart-warming and
heart-breaking at the same time. He shook his head. ³Momma
doesn¹t like that sort of thing. She says it¹s demeaning to
women. I¹ve offered to do it for her to make things equal
but no.²
³Do it for her? You mean like - kissing - down below? I
like the sound of that. Will you kiss me down there?²
³Oh yeah, princess, I surely will. Let¹s get you dried off
first and we¹ll go to the bedroom.²
She sat on a stool while he dried her feet. He¹d taken off
his bathrobe and was kneeling naked before her. She ran her
fingers through his hair and noticed he was developing a
bald spot. ³You are such a nice man, Poppa. Why doesn¹t
Momma love you?²
He looked up and smiled. ³Bless you, Princess. She loves me
well enough in her own way. She¹s just a bit boring in bed.
She¹ll only do it one way, lying side by side. Apparently
it shows that we¹re Œequal¹.²
³Well you and me aren¹t equal, Poppa, so we don¹t have to
do it sideways.²
Sarah curled a lock of his hair around her fingers as he
patted dry her pudenda.²I really want you to lick me down
there, Poppa. Do we have to go to the bedroom. Its nice and
warm in here.²
He smiled at the thought. ³No I don¹t suppose we do.
Anyway, pay close attention Princess. Your second lesson:
Cunnilingus 101. That¹s when I lick you and hopefully make
you feel all sexy and happy.²
³I feel sexy and happy already, Poppa.² and she leaned back
against the wall with her arms behind her head. Her little
conical breasts stood out proudly, begging to be kissed but
Ben had always wanted to give a beautiful girl a blowjob and
this was his best chance.
He started off at the thighs, just above the knees,
kissing, licking and running his hands over them. He knew
he should have taken longer, let her excitement build, but
Ben really needed to taste pussy, even if only this once.
Besides Sarah was already begging him to lick her clit.
She¹d even parted her pussy lips for him. He went to work.
With zero experience apart from what he¹d read in men¹s
mags he tried everything, licking, kissing, sucking (a good
reaction on that one). He even tried rubbing it with his
When he had his daughter moaning softly he thought he¹d
better check to see if her vagina was ready. He carefully
pushed in two fingers, expecting to find some resistance,
but there was none. He looked up. ³Sarah, there¹s no
³I broke it last year, horse-riding in the Catskils. Don¹t
worry Poppa. I¹m still a virgin. Your cock will be the
first inside me. Now could ya get back to the sucking bit?
I think something¹s happening.²
³Oh sorry, Princess. Sure thing.² and he renewed his
efforts. ŒMy first virgin, huh?¹ he thought Œand she loves
Her legs began to tremble. ³Ooo Poppa! Something is
happening again! Oh Poppa, this is soooo niiiiice! Keep
goin Poppa. Don¹t worry Poppa. I love you so much. Oh I
couls SO get used to this! OH GOD! This is FUCKIN GREAT! Oh
Poppa, Poppa, Poppaa! POPPAAAAAAAA!!!!²
Sarah bucked like a mule, nearly breaking his fingers which
were still inside, and then collapsed back on the stool. She
smothed his hair. ³Oh wow, Poppa! I hope all girls have a
father as nice as you.²
He straightened up but stayed on his knees. ³Did you really
like that, Princess?²
She gave a big smile and threw her arms around his neck.
³Of course I did, silly Poppy. What¹s not to like?²
³Oh I dunno...²
³Oh I dunno...² she mocked. ³There you go again. Poppa. You
were great! You made me feel warm and wanted. Heck Poppa!
You made me feel HOT! Like I¹m the sexiest girl in the
He looked sheepishly at her. ³Well, you are, Princess.²
She made a goofy face then smiled. ³Then fuck me, Poppa!
Fuck me!²
³Okay. Let¹s go to the bedroom.²
³Uh-uh.² she said lying on the bathroom rug. ³Let¹s do it
here - with you on top.²
³God but she¹s done a real number on you! Poppa, if I¹m
your Princess then you¹re my King and Master. Take my
virginity, Master. Its yours.² and she opened her legs.
After a moment¹s hesitation he lay on top of his daughter
and carefully inserted his penis into her small (but
wonderfully wet and tight) vagina. She went Œoooff¹ as he
got to the end. ³You okay Princess?²
She held his face in her hands. ³Never mind what I think,
my big, hunky Master. You¹re here to make me a woman so
stop messing about and fuck me.²
Part of him hated what he was doing. Part of him hated that
his daughter thought he was a wimp. All of him wanted to
come inside her tight little cunt and fill it to
overflowing. He thrust - hard. She whimpered a little. He
said nothing. He kept thrusting. A few more times and the
whimpering changed to moaning and heavy breathing. Her
hands ran up and down his back. Sometimes her nails dug in.
He sucked her tits - hard, and she moaned ³Oh my King!² He
covered her face with kisses and thrust his tongue deep
inside her throat. She loved it all.
He could feel her already tight vagina squeezing his cock.
³Holy shit, Sarah. You¹ve got me! I¹m cumming!²
His last few thrusts pushed her a couple of inches up the
rug but finally his juices filled his daughter. He just
wanted to lie there and savour the moment but she was
begging him to keep going. ³I¹m nearly there too, Poppa.
Just a little more. Pleeeeeze! Oh yeah! That¹s it my big
(ooff) hunky (ooff) SEXY (ooff) gorrr---geous, ooooohhhh,
When she¹d finished she held him tight as he rolled over on
to his back. As he was still inside her she ended up on top.
She gave him a silly, satisfied smile. ³You are one grade A
fuck, Poppa. You know that? And Momma is a stupid ass if
she doesn¹t just lie back and take whatever you wanna give
He ruffled her hair. ³You¹re a sweet kid, Sarah, and a damn
good fuck too. It¹s a shame we can¹t do this again.²
³Why can¹t we do this again?²
³Your Momma said her father did it once to each of his
daughters and it was never spoken of again.²
Sarah snorted ³No wonder she¹s screwed up!²
A light bulb went on in Ben¹s head. ³Yeah... that¹s it!²
³That¹s what, Poppa?²
³Why your Momma¹s so uptight. She loved the schmuck. She
loved her father and he only did it the once so she felt, I
dunno, used? Rejected?²
³Makes sense to me. Poppa. ŒCourse you know what that
means, don¹tcha?²
³What¹s that, Princess?²
She started kissing her way down his chest. ³You¹re gonna
have to fuck me again (kiss) and again (kiss) and again....²
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Post by loc8or
Thanks for the kind words and constructive criticism guys. Here's the
next one. Hope the formatting is right this time. I think it got lost in
Not too bad.
Something wrong with the punctuation in translation from whatever
word-processor you're using; and some separation is needed for each

I use indented paragraphs by setting Word to indent and then Save-As
DOS-text-with-layout. Others find it easier to just put blank lines
between each paragraph.

The story is nice though.
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