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2004-06-27 17:55:52 UTC
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When I was 16 I babysit the next door neighbor's kids, one of which was
a 9 year old female, named Amy.

Amy was a blonde headed child, with a cute face and attractive

It was a Friday night, and Amy was left with me for the evening
and I fixed her some dinner and we watched tv together. About 9pm
she was getting sleeping so she changed into her sleepwear.

She wore a nightgown, sheer with lace and I could see the outline
of her lace panties and pert developing breasts, they were small
but inviting.

She laid her head upon a pillow and watched tv till she feel asleep
resting on my legs. Looking at her gave me somewhat of a arousal
I was erect , horny and very young, and she was breathing and resting
sound asleep.

I unzipped by shorts and reached inside my underwear to reveal my
erect cock, it was about 8 inches and I quietly laid it up the side
of her face and started a slow up and down movement, wetting her
face with the pre cum of my cock and becoming very, very excited.

I brushed the helmet of my penis upon the little girl's lips to wet
it more, and slowly started to hump her lips and side of her face
up the side of her soft down covered face toward her ears and back
to her mouth, slowly and firmly causing my erection to grow hard
and long, thick and wet.

This continued for about 15 min and I was close to shooting a
wad of sperm on her face so I slowed down.

With a free hand I found the hem of her nightgown, lifting it
quietly and slowly to reveal some cotton panties. I touch the outline
of her crotch with my finger tips, rubbing the fabric of her
underwear between the folds of her tiny slit and outer vaginal lips.

I removed my underwear and got between her legs and let the long
shaft touch the cotton of her panties, and rested my erection between
her legs slowly rubbing the fabric of her cotton underwear and feeling
the folds of her little slit beneath. I was getting very aroused.
The head of my cock was resting near her belly button, and then
as I glided down I would brush the fabric of her shorts and feel
her slit brush my cock's tip and the wetness of my penis.

I started slowly to rock my cock tip up her thigh, feeling her
silky slit and rubbing her bare belly and firmly began to have
dry intercourse with the young girl. I kissed her lips softly and
pulled her panties down around her knees to reveal a silky mound
and slit , invited me onward.

With a tender kiss, I licked the slit until it opened for me and
I saw the tiny clit and inner vaginal folds of her young sex.

I licked the clit and quickly darted my tongue inside her tight hole
making the opening wider and wider as I worked my tongue about 2 inches
inside her tight vagina. My cock grew harder and wider.

I pulled her nightgown off her body and looked at her tiny moundless
breasts and nipples and kissed each nipple slowly until I saw that
both tits were erect and harder.

I spread her legs and inserted 2 fingers up to the slit and
worked my way inside her slit and tunnel, I saw the opening to her
cunt and how it was soft and silky, her hole was wide open for me
and I was amazed at the softness and beauty of her young sex.

I kissed her clit and lapped her tunnel, slowly pushing on her
virgin cap that protected her womb. I licked her maidenhead and
with a firm push made my way inside her pussy hole till I stretched
her virgin hole and made it wider so that the maidenhead gave way
and her virginity was taken.

She was aroused and slowly woke up.

"Amy did you sleep well "

"yes, I did i feel so relaxed she said, adjusting her gown so that
it covered her body and sex again. "

" I feel so good, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside " she said.

I put my arm around her and held her close to me so she could feel
the heat of my body and her leg rested near mine as I embraced her.

" I want you to feel good "

A trace of blood was on her leg , and I wiped it up with my blanket.

Come, lay with me Amy I will make you happy some more.

She was semi awake as I removed her panties and got between her legs
She reached for my cock and touched it and smiled.

" You are so hard, do you want me ? "

" Yes, Amy I want you very much do you want me do make love to you "

" Please, I want to feel you "

I licked her pussy and sucked her hard and long till she started to
spasm. Then I put the tip of my penis on her outer lips and pushed
my cock inside her little hole.

Her pussy stretched to grab my penis and I rocked inside the outside
of her folds around her vagina.

I kissed her soft lips and tiny nipples and pushed my cock inside
her slit, passing her clit and resting inside her tunnel. She spread
her legs and let me enter her pussy hole.

I moved on her slowly rocking my cock from tip to the base deep
inside her cunt slowly giving her strokes up and down her hole and
deep inside her belly. She groaned.

" Oh,, that feels so hard and so so good, oh please don't stop now "

I continued stroking her hard and long brushing the outer lips of
her vagina, stroking her clitoris and poping her hole repeatedly with
my long, round penis as she wrapped both legs around my ass and
sucked me inside her deeper and deeper, her cunt muscles grabbing
my penis and pushing my balls to the base of her pelvis. Her
womb was full of fire and I felt the flood of her juices bathe
my cock with hot wet cum as she became very slick and my cock
rubbed the inside of her tight tunnel and rested inside her belly
on the base of her womb and pelvic bone.

Bone touched bone and penis slid in vagina as I slide back and
forth fucking her with a solid cock and feeling her give way to
my long penis.

" Your cock feels so nice inside me, " she said.

" You are so warm and wet, I feel so good"

I started to slip deeper inside her cunt and found her hole
tight and exciting, the touch was gentle and warm, her belly
was sucking my erection and a wad of sperm was building inside
my penis head as I fucked her., faster and faster longer and
deeper, feeling her womb expand, I pushed till I was slick
and wet and my sperm splashed on her outer lips and up her
tight slit, bathing her womb with seed and sperm, it was
hot and she was on fire.

She shoke hard, in the midst of a orgasm as I ejaculated inside
her pussy and belly, kissing her lips and tits sucking on her
mouth and holding her tight as she began her orgasm.

Her thighs, buckled, her vaginal lips grabbed my penis hard
as her eyes closed, her body shook and her cunt hole trembled
in pleasure and my sperm dripped out of her young cunt onto
her erect clit.

I dressed her and she lay back in my arms sleeping till it was
time to go.

Frank McCoy
2004-06-27 20:48:36 UTC
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From alt.stories.incest:

Um ... "nc" means "non-consensual".
In this story, neither the girl nor the boy raised the slightest
objection. Molestation it definitely was; since he started doing
things without asking her permission first. Non-consensual, it
wasn't; since she liked everything he did, and never objected in the

While that's not as bad as the reverse: labeling a rape or force story
as consensual; it DOES tend to make one miss the target audience.

If you feel that some indication is needed to show the guy wasn't
doing it with her explicit permission, then try putting "molesting" in
the header:
"My little Amy" (Mg, pedo, cons, molesting)
The "mg" part shows a boy and a young girl.
The "pedo" part says one of the two (the girl) is *quite* young.
The "cons" part shows nobody is getting forced into something they
The "molesting" part says that it's likely the younger party isn't
fully aware of what's going on in at least part of the story; though
some people would call ANY sexual contact between a young girl and an
older man as molesting, even if she knew exactly what was going on ...
because "children" are supposed to be completely ignorant of sex, and
thus unable to decide for themselves whether they really like it and
want it or not.
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