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Little Girls

Even at 17, I liked young girls, not young as in 15 or
16 year olds, I liked them REALLY YOUNG... 12, 11, even
10 year old girls. There was just something about the
innocence and immaturity of their little bodies that
really excited me.

I had always kept this "little" fixation to myself even
from my best friend Paul who knew just about everything
else about me, after all it wasn't exactly normal for a
17 year old Senior in High School to get a hard-on over
4th and 5th grade girls. It was kinda difficult be-
cause Paul and I would go to the Mall a lot to "check
out the babes", and while he was looking at all of the
big titted cheerleader types, I was trying to sneak
peeks at their little sisters without being too obvious
about it.

Well, things were going pretty good one day, the mall
was hoppin and there were plenty of girls to look at.
Paul was busy eyeing a tall blond and was filling me in
on what he would like to do with her, I on the other
hand had just spied a cute little 10 or 11-year-old
brunette in pigtails sitting on a bench by herself
eating a cookie. Her little breasts were just beginning
to poke out, she was wearing a short denim skirt and
was sitting with her legs slightly apart giving me just
a glimpse of her little white cotton panties.

Paul had noticed that I was not listening to him
anymore and turned to see what I was looking at. I was
busy trying to visualize what this sweet 4th grade girl
would look like without any clothes on, and didn't
realize at first that Paul was watching me. I looked
over at him and knew that I had been caught.

"You're kidding" he chuckled.

I was silent.

"You're not kidding. Really? Naw... Really? Wowwwww..."
he said "but she's just a kid. She can't be more than
10 years old!"

"What can I say" I replied knowing that I wasn't going
to be able to bluff my way out of this one.

"Some guys like big tits, some like older women, and
me... well I guess I like little girls." I said, kinda
stuttering as I talked. "You're not going to say
anything to anyone are you?" I asked. "I mean, if the
guys at school found out about this I'd never hear the
end of it..."

Paul was silent for a moment. "Ya kinda caught me off
guard with this one... Shit, a 10 year old...." He
paused again with this real puzzled look on his face.

"Don't worry," he finally said, "I won't say anything,
but just tell me one thing." he said slowly.

"Sure" I said, "What is it?"

"Well, I'm just sitting here trying to understand what
it is about a girl that young that turns you on." He
said. "I guess I'd rather jerk off to the thought of
some fucking big titted redhead than to the thought of
a naked 10 year old." he continued.

"I dunno," I began. "A couple of years ago I was
wandering around at the dump and I found this magazine.
It was filled with pictures of naked little kids of all
ages having sex. On the first page was a little girl
about 5 years old sucking on some teenager's dick while
a little boy about her age was poking his finger in her
pussy. The sight of a 5 year old having sex really
turned me off, still does.

I almost threw the book away but I didn't, I continued
flipping through the pages hoping to find something of
interest. I didn't have to look far, on the next page
was a young girl about 11 or 12 years old, her long
brown hair was braided into pigtails and her tiny
breasts were just beginning to form. She was laying on
her back with her legs spread wide apart, and a guy
about my age or a little older had his cock buried
about half way into her smooth hairless pussy. The
looks on their faces was one of pure pleasure.

I kept looking through the magazine, there were all
kinds of pictures of 16, 17, 18 and 19 year olds, but
the ones that seemed to interest me most were the ones
of the 10, 11 and 12 year olds."

"I still have that magazine, but I've ripped out the
pictures of the real little kids. I like to jerk off
while looking at the pictures and imagining that it's
my cock sliding in and out of their tight hairless
pussies." I whispered grinning ear to ear.

Paul looked at me kind of funny and paused, then he
started laughing. "Well at least I won't have to worry
about you stealing any of my girlfriends!" he said

We both laughed and grinned at each other and continued
with our girl watching. At 6 o'clock I told Paul that I
had to leave to go help my uncle Bill who lived in the
next town. Actually I was going to be baby-sitting the
neighbor kids, 9-year-old Shelly and her little brother
Jimmy. Earlier that day, Shelly had pulled down her
shorts and panties to show me her belly button scar
which gave me a perfect view of her little hairless

When her girlfriend pointed out to her that I could see
her pussy Shelly looked at her annoyingly and whispered
to her that she knew what she was doing. It was the
first time that a 9 year old had ever made my cock
swell. Even though Paul now knew that I was hot for
young girls, and even though Shelly would be 10 in just
a couple of months, I wasn't quite sure how he would
react if/when he caught me staring at her small frame
knowing that she was still only 9 years old.

Plus, I was really hoping for a repeat performance by
Shelly and knew that she would never do it if Paul was

I was about 5 minutes late in getting to Shelly's house
and her mom was rushing like mad to get out the door.
As she rushed out to her car, she rattled of the
standard instructions: I'll be back about 9 o'clock, no
junk food for the kids, Jimmy in bed by 7:30 and Shelly
could stay up later, emergency numbers are by the
phone, pop in the fridge.... and so on.

We sat and watched TV until Jimmy's bedtime. While I
was put-ting him to bed, Shelly went to change into her
pajamas, which was apparently standard practice at
their house.

I went back out and sat down on the floor in front of
the TV. Shelly came out a few minutes later wearing
only a pair of little pink panties that appeared to be
just a bit too small. Her body had just a hint of baby
fat, she had no tits at all.

Because the panties she was wearing were a bit on the
tight side, I could see the outline of her little slit
perfectly through them. My cock was instantly as hard
as a rock.

"I thought you were putting on some pajamas?" I asked

"I did!" she replied, "I always sleep in my underwear.
Whatsa matter, don't you like them?"

"Oh sure, I like them just fine, but aren't they a bit
tight??" I asked.

"Well, just a little, I suppose I could take them off
and get another pair." she said.

I was quiet for a moment, the butterflies were dancing
in my stomach and I was getting sort of light headed at
the excitement. Finally I got up the nerve and said,
"Well, you could just take them off and leave them off.
I kinda wanted to get a better look at your belly
button scar anyway?"

Shelly just smiled as she slowly stepped out of her
panties. My heart was pounding wildly as I watched her
drop them to the floor. She was now totally naked in
front of me standing with her legs about a foot apart.
I was still sitting on the floor and her pussy was
right at eye level.

"So what do you think." she said, "Do you think I'd
look better with a belly button instead of this scar?"

My eyes were glued to her little hairless slot. "I'm
not sure, why don't you come over here so I can get a
better look." I said.

She walked over next to me and stood there. I moved my
head up and down slowly pretending to look at her scar,
but instead I was get-ting a better look at her sweet
little pre teen pussy.

After about 15 or 20 seconds I got up some more
courage. "I think everything looks just fine,
especially the part BELOW your scar." I started to
reach out to touch her tiny cunt, but chickened out and
pulled my hand back.

Shelly looked at me and smiled. "It's okay, you can
touch me there if you want to. But if I don't like it
you have to stop, okay?" she said shyly. "I'd really
like that Shelly, and I promise that I'll stop if you
tell me to. Are you sure it's okay?" I asked her

"I think so, mommy told me that sex was all right as
long as it was something that I wanted to do." she

"Oh really, when did she tell you that?" I asked.

"Well," she began "mommy caught me watching her and a
boy one night a few weeks ago. He didn't see me and she
didn't say anything to him, so I just stood there
quietly and kept watching. Later mommy sat me down and
explained about sex to me. She said that someday I
would want to do sex thing too. When I told her that I
touched myself and that sometimes I would think about
naked men, she just smiled and said 'MEN huh, that
ought to be interesting..'. I asked her what she meant,
but she wouldn't tell me, instead she said that I would
know when the time came." she said, and then reached
out for my hand.

"Okay," I said, "If you're sure, but you gotta promise
me that you won't tell anyone not even your best

"Okay." she said.

Slowly I reached up with my hand. She was warm and very
smooth to the touch as I began moving my fingers up and
down the length of her slit. Shelly's breathing began
to get very shallow. She closed her eyes and began
making soft squeaking sounds. A drop of moisture
appeared from between the tiny lips of her little cunny
and I leaned forward towards her glistening folds to
take a taste. Shelly let out a deep moan as my hot
tongue made contact with the bare skin of her young
hairless box.

"Does that feel good?" I asked.

"MMMMMHHHHH" she replied.

"Do you want me to stop?" I asked.

"OOOOhhhh Nooooooo..." she squeaked softly.

I continued licking.

"Have you ever touched a boy?" I asked.

"Nuuu uhhhhh" she replied.

"Would you like to touch me?" I asked.

Shelly didn't say anything, her eyes were still closed
and she was panting like a little puppy. She arched her
back, moving her pussy towards my mouth and then began
gently rocking her hips as my tongue again made contact
with the little 9-year-old's hairless mound. I gave her
a couple of long slow licks, allowing my tongue to dip
between her tiny outer lips in order to taste more of
her sweet pre teen quim.

"Tell you what." I said softly, between licks, "Lets go
into your room, and I'll take off all of my clothes
too, that way you can touch me too if you want to.

"Okay." she panted.

I stood up, and took Shelly by the hand and led her
down the hall to her bedroom. I gave her a gentle kiss
as she sat herself down on the edge of her bed. I
removed my clothes and placed them in a neat pile near
the door so that I could grab them quickly if it became

I moved over to the bed and stood in front of her
allowing her to look as long as she wanted to. Then I
reached out for her hand and placed it on my straining
cock. She tried to wrap her fingers around it, but her
hand was too small to completely circle my shaft, it
was an extremely erotic sight that almost made me cum
on the spot. I looked away to regain my composure I
wanted this to last as long as possible, after all, not
only was this my first time doing anything with a 9
year old girl, It was my first time doing anything with

I looked at the cute little third grader sitting naked
before me, she was staring intently an my erect organ,
playing with the pre cum that was oozing from it's tip.
I reached down gathered a bit of it with my finger and
then placed it up to her sweet lips. She opened them
slightly and sucked softly on my finger.

"Mmmmmmm..." she murmured. As she swirled her tongue
around the tip of my finger.

Shelly removed my finger from her mouth and placed it
down between the lips of her tiny cunt, rubbing it up
and down getting it good and wet. Then she put it up to
my mouth and moved her hand back down to my cock. As I
licked the youngster's juices from my finger, she
lower-ed her head towards my cock and gently kissed
it's little mouth like slit. A single shiny elastic
strand of cum stretched from her young lips as she
moved her head slowly away until it could stretch no
more. Almost as if in slow motion the strand snapped
and I watched as it made it's way to, and hung from her
pouty pre teen mouth, bouncing and glistening in the

I leaned down and kissed her, scooping up the strand of
cum with my tongue on the way. As we kissed, our
tongues met and a passion-ate flame grew. Shelly broke
the kiss long enough to adjust herself on the bed so
that she was upon her knees. She threw her arms around
me and began kissing me frantically, smashing her lips
to mine as hard as she could. Every so often a little
squeal would escape from deep within her body and my
dick would harden a bit more.

I reached down and placed my hands onto her tiny ass
and pulled her to me pinning my cock between our
writhing bodies and up against her wet, warm pussy.
Shelly rocked her hips causing her young slit to slide
up and down the length of my hardness.

I felt a hand begin to massage my ass and I started
kissing Shelly eve harder while I slid one hand down
past her butt and between her legs until my fingers
were touching her soft hairless cunt lips.

Shelly intensified her ass rubbing and I was really
getting hot when I heard the sound of a woman's voice
coming from the hallway.

"Well, what do we have here?" the voice said.

I turned quickly to look, but all I could make out was
the silhouette of a woman standing in the doorway
watching us.

"What are you doing to my daughter?" the voice asked as
the woman walked towards us.

Oh shit, it was Shelly's mom! Oh god, what was I going
to do now! I just knew for sure that I was going to
jail! I tried to move away from Shelly, but she still
had a hold of me and was still sliding her pussy back
and forth across my now flaccid dick.

I just stood there, unable to get away. Shelly's mom
was now standing next to us. She reached down between
our bodies and grabbed hold of my soft organ and gave
it a firm tug. I was waiting for the worst, I just knew
I was going to be castrated.

Shelly's mom looked down at my cock and sighed. "You'll
never get it in to her like that!" she said.

"Huh?!?!?!" I gasped.

"It's as soft as a marshmallow, how are you going to
get it in if you can't keep it up? Boys! Here, let me
see if I can't do some-thing about this!" she said as
she placed my cock back up against her daughters
hairless mound and began stroking me back to full

"There, that's better!" she said with a smile, moving
her hand away. "You guys continue while I get out of
these clothes."

I pulled Shelly closer and shoved my tongue back into
her waiting mouth. After a few minutes Shelly's mom
returned, I couldn't believe my eyes. She had removed
her make up and put her hair in pigtails. Her breasts
were but a handful and her pussy was completely shaved.
Instead of looking like Shelly's 28-year-old mother,
she looked like her 13-year-old sister. It was amazing!
I was hornier that ever now!

"Can I have some fun too?" she asked coyly.

I couldn't answer, all I could to was stare.

"What's the matter, don't I look young enough? The
sophomores at your High School all think I'm 12 or 13.
Of course sometimes I think they'd fuck me even if they
knew I was 28!" she chuckled, "They sure are a horny
bunch! I usually get them to come over here, I tell
them that I am the baby-sitter so they won't think
anything about being here with two kids. By the way,
you don't need to call me Mrs. Dexter, it would seem a
little silly considering the way I look. Call me

Laura could see that I was too busy with her daughter
to answer so she got up onto the bed. Shelly was still
on her knees and Laura positioned herself on her back
so that her head was under Shelly's butt and between
her legs. From her vantage point she could see her
young daughters hairless cunt sliding back and forth
against my blood en-gorged organ.

"Oh god... What an erotic sight." Laura gasped. "Such a
large cock being massaged by such a young child's
tender pussy! Ooooo, I can hardly wait to see it
sliding in and out her tight little hole. In fact, I
don't think I CAN wait!"

Laura reached up between us and grabbed my cock. She
stroked it firmly a couple of times and then placed the
head up to the entrance of her 9-year-old daughters
tiny cunt. Carefully she worked it in small circles
making sure that the youngster was fully lubricated.

"Okay, push a little." she instructed me.

She didn't have to ask me twice, I pushed my hips
forward and felt my cock bend as it attempted to enter
the little girls pussy. Laura, seeing that we weren't
making much headway, began rubbing my prick back and
forth on Shelly's little clit. With each stroke Shelly
would tense up as though an electric shock had run
through her until finally her little body began bucking
and thrashing about, she kissed me hard and held on to
me tightly. Deep moans and grunts escaped from her tiny
body as her very first orgasm reached it's peaked. I
could feel the warm juices flowing from her spasming
pre teen cunt and running down my cock, I could also
feel Laura's tongue licking them up as they did. Shelly
collapsed in my arms as her orgasm subsided. Laura
placed my cock back at the entrance of her little girls
pussy and once more I pushed forward with my hips.
Shelly was so relaxed that this time the lips of her
young cunt began to stretch, slowly engulfing the head
of my swollen prick.

"Ohhhhhhmm" Laura gasped as she watched the head of my
cock disappear into her daughter's hairless young
pussy. "AAAAArrrggggg HHHmmff" She moaned as her own
orgasm built itself to full climax. "Oh Jezus, I'm c-c-
c-cumming" she screamed.

I continued to push my way into Shelly's hot pussy. It
felt like my prick was caught in a velvet vice. Soft,
Warm and so incredibly TIGHT! Shelly had come back to
life somewhat and had shifted herself so she could wrap
her legs around the small of my back. At some point
during this process, the full weight of her 75-pound
frame was focused on my prick causing her to slide all
the way down to its base.

Laura was just coming down from her first climax, her
head was still beneath Shelly's small butt and when she
opened her eyes and saw that her daughters little cunt
had swallowed the entire length of my cock she
completely lost it again, bucking and quaking into her
second orgasm in less than two minutes.

I reached down and placed both of my hands on Shelly's
little ass and began sliding her slowly up and down on
my 17 year old cock. Shelly began to tense up again and
as she neared her second climax she leaned back, her
arms still around my neck and tossed her head from side
to side groaning and grunting loudly.

"Oh god yes.... OOooo.... ARrrrgg.... OOooo, don't
stop!" she screamed as she fucked herself up and down
on my cock without the help of my hands.

With her leaning back the way she was, I could look
down between our bodies and for the first time I could
see what had gotten Laura so excited. The sight of this
pre teen's hairless pussy being filled with my huge
cock, the delicate lips stretched so tightly that they
were sucked inward with each of her downward thrusts
was just too much for me to handle.

I gave a couple of hard thrusts of my own as my boiling
sperm shot up the length of my cock and flooded the
walls of the young child's tender pussy. The heat and
force of my cum tipped Shelly over the edge and into
her second full climax.

Her already tight pussy was spasming and contracting,
milking load after load of hot sticky jism from deep
within my body. With each deposit of cum, I could feel
the pressure in her pussy build until finally the tight
suction seal that held my cock in place gave way and a
large glob of goo trickled out and dripped down onto
her mothers face landing solidly on her left cheek.

Laura opened her eyes just in time to see another
globlet began to ooze out of her daughter's cunt and
was able to move her head so that she could catch it in
her mouth.

It wasn't a perfect catch and some of the hot gooey
mixture dribbled onto her chin. Laura didn't care; she
tilted her head sideways and lifted it so that her ear
was pressing firmly against her daughter's ass. From
this angle she could slide her head up and down with
Shelly's motions and keep her mouth firmly attached to
source of the cum leakage. She had her fingers buried
deep within her own pussy frigging herself like a mad
woman causing herself to have what must have been her
forth or fifth orgasm.

I continued to pump stream after stream of hot white
liquid deep into the young third grader's tight hole
while she continued with wave after wave of her own
massive orgasm. Shelly leaned forward again and slammed
her lips to mine, passionately until our orgasms died
down together. My knees were beginning to give out from
exhaustion so I asked Laura to get up for a moment and
I laid down onto the bed with Shelly on top of me and
my cock still firmly imbedded deep into the little
girl's soppy cunt.

Her mom moved up and lay next to us and cuddled in
close. We fell asleep like that and slept soundlessly
all night.

When I woke up in the morning, Shelly had moved off of
me and was lying next to me with her head on my
shoulder hanging tightly onto my arm. Laura had
apparently been up for awhile and from the smell of
things, was fixing bacon and eggs for breakfast.

I looked down at Shelly's innocent young body, God what
a fuck! Of course still being a virgin myself until
last night, I didn't have anything except my hand to
compare with, but I really couldn't imagine it getting
much better! I reached down with my free hand and began
fondling her tiny ass, she cuddled in closer. About
that time, Laura walked in and looked at my hand gently
massaging her daughter's butt.

"Okay mister horny," she said "rise and shine... er get
up... well you know what I mean, get out of bed and
come have some breakfast! There will be plenty of time
for that later. We've got things to do today... there
are a few friends that I want you to meet... I just
know you'll LOVE 'EM!"

Continued in part 2

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This one is real hot!