My daughter's first pantyhose
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My daughter's first pantyhose

When I decided to write all this down and share it with others I
was in a position that many men wish they were. I was lying on the
living room floor in a 69 position with my twelve-year-old daughter.
She was on top of me and my arms were on the outside of her legs. We
had switched from orally stimulating each others genitals to licking,
sucking and finger fucking each others asshole.
But that is now and I want to tell you about how it all started.
How I came to be in a position that I am now. The fact that my wife was
on the couch masturbating as she watched is a miracle. It was something
that I thought would never happen. But here we were and there we once

It was five years earlier and life was pretty good. I am a
successful writer and quit my job as a software designer when I sold my
first book. I could tell you the genre and give you a hint as to my
identity, but that would be foolish. All I can say is that Stephen King
is a hack.
Anyway, it was breakfast and my wife and daughter were in the
middle of an argument that had been going on for several weeks.
"No, Tessah," my wife Sarah said. "I have already told you no and
that is that. Besides you are a little girl. They don't even make them
for you."
"Yes they do, mommy," Tessah said. "They are called 'Lil Leggs'
and they are made by Hanes. They have tan and black and all kinds of
colors. They have tights, but I am done with tights...I want
The last three words came out louder than I think my daughter
meant, because her hand went to her mouth half a second later.
"Young lady," Sarah said. "I don't know who you think you are,
but you are not going to talk to me like that. Yell at me one more time
about this situation and you will never wear pantyhose as long as you
live. You are seven-years-old and little girls of seven wear tights. I
don't know why you are so obsessed. You have been since you were a
toddler. Wanting to dress up wherever we went and it was always
'Mommy...tights...'. I guess you take after your father."
"Huh," Tessah said.
"Nothing, just drop the subject of pantyhose all together. Maybe
when you are eleven."
"Daddy," my daughter said turning to me in desperation.
"I am sorry, princess," I said. "But your mother is in charge of
pantyhose and things like that. You have to listen to her."
My daughter stormed out of the kitchen and I took a sip of my
"She does take after you, you know," Sarah said.
"It isn't my fault. I guess it is in the genes."
"Or in the nylon."
My wife stood up and carried her coffee cup and plate over to the
"She shouldn't have turned to you when I said no," Sarah said."She
shouldn't have yelled at me and she shouldn't have stormed out of here
like it was her business to do."
"Come on, Sarah," I said. "She was just a little excited about
the situation. You are just too hard on her sometimes. Let this one
go. It's a weekend and we need a break from everything."
"What do you mean by a break?" Sarah said turning to me. "What
are you trying to say?"
"Nothing," I said, realizing that I had said the wrong thing in
the wrong way.
"You think that I punish our daughter too much. That I pick on
"I didn't mean that. I meant a break from life. You are just
taking it the wrong way."
"If you would take the time to notice our daughter you would
realize that she isn't the angel that you think she is. I love her and
she is a good kid, but she can be a handful. You never punish her. It
is always me."
"I do punish her," I said. "I just...I...well..."
"You just think that it is my job."
"I didn't say that."
"Well, I for one am not going to let her walk all over us in any
way. We will see what great grandma has to say about this."
I knew then that I had lost the battle. I couldn't really blame
Sarah, but I couldn't help thinking that what happened next wouldn't
have happened if she wasn't trying to prove a point.
I followed Sarah out of the kitchen as she made her way toward
Tessah's room. There was nothing that I could say. It was inevitable.
Tessah was going to be punished.
I stood in the hallway as Sarah walked into our room and returned
with a rather large antique hairbrush. It had been passed down through
the ages in Sarah's family and each and every one of them had been
spanked with it. That was what she meant by great grandma.
She stormed past me without a word and stopped at Tessah's door.
She took a deep breath and then walked in. She didn't bother to shut
the door and...well, something drew me toward it. I stepped forward and
looked from the edge of the door. I could see my wife standing at the
end of the bed and Tessah sitting propped up against the headboard.
"You know young lady," Sarah said. "I have just about had it with
your attitude. First of all you yell at me and then you go to your
father when I had already told you no. You know that you don't do that.
You have been punished in the past for it. What really upsets me is
that you think you can storm out of a room when I am talking to you
without so much as a hello or goodbye."
Tessah could obviously see the handbrush in her mothers hand it
immediately had an effect on her.
"I am sorry, mommy," she pleaded. "I didn't mean anything by it.
I just thought that I was old enough and you won't even think about it.
I am sorry, mommy."
"Sorry is too late little girl," Sarah said moving to the side of
the bed. "Stand up."
"Please, mommy," Tessah said. "You don't have to do this. I will
be good."
As Tessah stood, Sarah sat on the edge of the bed. She reached
under Tessah's skirt and pulled her red tights and panties down to her
knees. Tessah was wearing a short red and green plaid skirt with a
white blouse. Her red tights and Mary Jane's can only complete the
picture if you know what I mean.
"Bend over my knees, Tessah," her mother said.
"Do it now."
Tessah leaned forward and lay over her mother's lap. I was
excited. I couldn't help myself. I felt as if I was watching something
that I shouldn't.
"I love you, baby girl," Sarah said. "But you will respect me."
I could see the brush descend and hear as it made contact with
Tessah's bare ass, but her bare ass was pointing away from me and I
couldn't see it strike. I so wanted to see it strike. I wanted to see
the back of the brush as it made contact with her bare, little ass.
"What the hell is wrong with you?" I thought. I could only
contribute it to the fact that I had spanked my own wife more times than
I could count with the same hairbrush and more times than not she was
wearing pantyhose. It was one of our sex games. She would play daddy's
little girl who got into trouble and I would punish her. Now she was
spanking our little girl the same way.
It is revelation time and it might or might not come as a surprise
to you. It came as a huge surprise to me. The fact was that nine
times out of ten it wasn't Sarah that I was punishing or Sarah that I
was fucking in pantyhose. It was Tessah. Subconsciously it was my
seven-year-old daughter. That was why I was so afraid to punish her.
That was why. I was afraid that I would spank her and enjoy it. I only
thought about it and realized it at that moment. I knew in my mind that
I had a thing for little girls. Especially little girls in pantyhose
and tights. I could walk through the mall and acquire a huge erection
from all the pretty little girls that I saw. I just never gave it much
thought. I just thought that I was appreciating them. The same way
that I appreciate a beautiful woman. I didn't masturbate over them
later. I saw them...I admired... I moved on.
But this was something different. As I watched my wife spank our
daughter I remembered all the times that I had noticed when Tessah's
skirt came up and I saw her tights clad thighs...or even her crotch. I
was at fault for being sexually attracted to my daughter.
Sarah had only struck Tessah twice when I walked into the room.
Something possessed me and I couldn't stop.
"Sarah," I said. "Could I speak to you in the hall for a moment?"
Sarah looked at me strangely, but stood Tessah up and lay the
brush on the bed. "You look at that," she said to Tessah. "We aren't
done yet."
Sarah shut the door behind her and stood before me. I wasn't sure
what I was going to say, but I didn't have to worry about it. I blurted
out the necessary words.
"I am sorry," I said. "You were right. I don't punish her like I
should and I think that it is my responsibility. I will finish her
punishment and you can be there to show moral support."
What I really wanted was mommy there to watch as I spanked our
little baby girl.
"I...I don't know what to say," Sarah said. "This is so
unexpected, but I think that it is the right thing. You should back me
more and handle this yourself."
Sarah turned around and went back into the room. Tessah was
standing there rubbing her ass under her skirt.
"Tessah," Sarah said. "Your father and I have talked it over and
we have decided that he is going to take a bigger role in your
punishment and will give you your spanking now."
My hands were in front of my crotch as I moved into the room. I
didn't want either one to realize that I sported an erection. I moved
to the bed and sat down. I didn't reach for the handbrush. I didn't
need it.
"Bend over my knees," I said to Tessah.
Tessah did as she was told and I had a clear view of my daughter's
bare ass. I couldn't help but stare. It was beautiful. It was
slightly red from her mother's spanking, but perfect nonetheless.
"Jack," my wife said.
I looked up at her and realized that I had been staring a little
too long. I lay my hand on my daughter's ass as I felt her moving
around. It was obvious that my erection was uncomfortable for her. I
just hoped that she didn't ask about it later.
"I love you, Tessah," I said.
I spanked my daughter for the first time in a long time. I waited
to hear her cry out, but she didn't. I spanked a little harder, but not
enough to truly hurt her. Nothing. She didn't make a sound.
Altogether I gave her eight swats and stopped. I looked up at my wife
who was actually smiling. I didn't know why.
"Well," she said. "Punishment is over."
Tessah stood up and reached down to pull up her panties and
tights. I sat therek wondering what the hell had just happened. I
didn't see my wife move toward me and brush my crotch. It wasn't until
they had left for the store that I realized it.
"Tessah," my wife said. "Your father would have preferred it if
you had cried. He might have actually...well...never mind. Get
yourself together and meet me in the car. We are going shopping."
Tessah looked strangely at her mother but still moved to her
bathroom. I looked strangely as well, but Sarah just gave me that same
smile and left the room.
When they were gone I retreated to my den and decided to finish up
the last chapter that I had been working on. I couldn't help but think
about what had transpired. I still had a raging hardon, but my wife had
acted so weird. When I heard them pull out of the driveway I realized
that Sarah had brushed up against me for a reason. She knew. She knew
that I had an erection and enjoyed the spanking. I thought that I was
going to freak out, but I would simply explain that the situation was so
much like the games that she and I had played that I couldn't help
"Shit," I said. "That won't work."
All I could do was try to throw myself into my writing as my
erection slowly faded. I could only hope that I was wrong and she
noticed nothing. That life would go on as before.

I had given up writing and had moved to the living room to watch a
little television when my wife and daughter returned. Tessah came in
the door first.
"Hi, daddy," she said and quickly passed me on the way to her
My wife came in and I tried to act like nothing had happened.
"Are you going to say hello?" she asked.
"Hi," I said. "Where'd you go."
"We went shopping as mother and daughter should do. You just mind
your own business."
My wife left the room and I went back to the old episode of Fear
Factor on the television. I went through that show and was into a golf
game when my daughter entered the room.
"See, daddy," she said. "Mommy and I went shopping."
I looked from the television to my daughter. I was stunned with
what I saw.
"Mommy helped me get ready," she said. "And I am wearing
I looked my daughter up and down. She was indeed wearing tan
colored pantyhose with actual black pumps. She wore a black pleated
skirt and red blouse, but it was her make-up and hair that really pulled
it all together. The blush on her cheeks and the pink colored lips were
just adorable. She wore her hair in pigtails tied with red ribbon.
"Can I see them...I mean...I can see them," I said.
"Oh, my pantyhose," Tessah said.
What happened next was the beginning of it all. She lifted her
skirt in front of me. I stared at my daughter's pantyhose longer than I
should. She had such tight little legs.
"What the hell is going on here?"
I turned to see my wife enter the room. Tessah quickly dropped
her skirt and backed away.
"I was...I was just showing daddy my pantyhose," she said. "That
is all. He said...he said...can I see them. I thought..."
"I don't care what you thought, young lady," Sarah said. "You
don't lift your skirt for anyone to show off your pantyhose."
"I am sorry, mommy."
"Twice in one day," Sarah said. "You have really outdone
yourself. Now who should give you your spanking for being an indecent
little girl in pantyhose?"
Sarah moved to me and bent over in front of me. Her hand slipped
between my legs and I felt her grip my erection.
"Well," she said standing up. "I for one am done spanking you.
Your father will have to spank you for showing off your little girl
I didn't get what was going on here. I was terrified. My wife
had caught me staring at my daughter with her skirt raised and then knew
that I had an erection because of it. If I would have thought about
things I would have realized that my wife's speech was out of the
ordinary. She had used the word pantyhose three times in less than two
minutes. Not only that, but she had used the term "little girl
pantyhose" twice.
"I...I...really think that you should handle this," I said to
Sarah. "I really should get back to my book."
"Oh, no, mister," she said. "You told me that you were going to
be taking more responsibility when it came to punishment and I am going
to hold you to it. Now spank your daughter in her little girl
It was that last statement that dawned on me. I looked up to my
smiling wife and then to my daughter who was sucking on her thumb.
"Ith...sowwy...daddy..." she said around her thumb and walked
toward me.
"Is this happening?" I asked Sarah. "Is this really happening?"
"You have no idea what is going to happen," Sarah said with that
same smile after I had spanked our daughter in her bedroom. "Right now
you need to punish your daughter for showing off her pantyhose. Then we
will decide where to go from there."
"I don't...what..."
"She didn't cry," Sarah said. "I spanked her and you spanked her
and she didn't cry. That is the sign of a little woman. A little one
that deserves to wear pantyhose. You obviously enjoyed yourself before.
Most importantly your daughter enjoyed herself. I guess she takes after
both of us. Don't you realize that she knows what an erection is. We
had the sex talk several months ago. She didn't cry, but now she needs
to be spanked in her little girl pantyhose and...well..."
I knew it wasn't a trap that my wife was setting for me. I knew
that things were about to get crazy. I didn't know how crazy, but I had
the go ahead to spank my daughter in her pantyhose.
"Come here, young lady," I said groughly.
Tessah continued to suck her thumb as she walked toward me. It
was so fucking hot to see that.
"Yeth sir," she said.
I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her over my lap.
"No, daddy, no," she wailed. "Please don't spank me. I am sorry
for showing my pantyhose."
"Thirteen swats," Sarah said. "Six on her bare ass and seven on
her pantyhose covered ass. Just like I like it."
I pulled up my seven-year-old daughter's skirt and looked at her
little ass. I could see her Winnie The Pooh panties through them. I
gripped the waist of both and pulled them down to her thighs.
"I love you, baby girl," I said.
I began to swat my daughter with my hand as my wife counted off.
Tessah cried. She cried like a little baby.
Each swat and she got louder and wriggled around on my lap. My
full on erection was caught beneath her and feeling the friction.
"That is six," Sarah said. "Now for her pantyhose spanking."
I first pulled the waist of her little girl panties up and Tessah
lifted to allow it. Then I pulled up her little pantyhose.
"Daddy," she said turning a little to look at me. "Please, daddy.
Don't spank me in my pantyhose."
This was not a seven-year-old girl. This was beyond her and I
could only figure that every spanking that she ever got from my wife was
a turn on.
I answered by swatting her little pantyhosed behind. One...two
"Are you going to show off your pantyhose again?" I yelled.
"No, daddy," Tessah screamed and cried. "I won't show off my
pantyhose again."
"You naughty little girl," I said.
Seven...and it was harder than the previous and Tessah moved
forward from the shock. I let her up and there were tears in her eyes.
I immediately felt bad. I shouldn't have spanked her that hard. But
her thumb went into her mouth and she began to suck it.
"I sowwy daddy," she sniffed.
She began to rub her ass with the other hand as I stood in
amazement at what had just happened. I had cum. On the last swat I had
cum in my pants.
"Now that we are through with that," Sarah said. "It is time that
you reward your daughter for being the little pantyhose girl that she
is. We only spank because we love and now you must show her love."
"Daddy," Tessah said. "May I show you my pantyhose?"
"That is the right way," Sarah said. "You must first ask and only
when it is your daddy."
"Yes," I said immediately. "Yes, you may show me your pantyhose."
MY wife and daughter had been at the store for a couple of hours
and I knew why now. They had orchestrated everything.
Sarah stepped in front of me and slid her hand between my legs.
"Aww, that is too bad," she said. "But I don't think that you
will have a hard time doing it again."
She grabbed my face and kissed me hard. Her toungue flew across
mine before she pulled away.
"We are going to do it," she said. "We are going to do it all and
your little girl is going to be a part of it. Can you deal with that?"
"Yes," I gasped. "I can."

Nylon wishes and pantyhose dreams.
2005-04-23 04:25:52 UTC
Very nice Lujan. "More" any time your able.