Story Daddy's Little Model - Part 2 of 8 (mf, cons, pedo, incest)
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2004-01-21 23:37:56 UTC
Story Daddy's Little Model - Part 2 of 8 (mf, cons, pedo, incest)
By Keyman

I am just a poster and not the author Of This Storie!

(mf, cons, pedo, incest)

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My name is Jason Event and my story continues. As you know I have been
posting pictures of my daughter and several other girls in the preteen
newsgroups. Many of you have asked about how I came to start taking
those pictures titled "The Little Models" that are so popular now. In
the first part you learned of my initial seduction of my eleven year old
daughter, Sissy. Now I will continue the story, taking up the narration
soon after my first photo session with my daughter.

After our initial sexual encounter brought on by my photo session, we
sat in the kitchen, me having a beer and Sissy having a soda. She had
put her nightgown back on, but not her panties. I had put on a short
robe with nothing underneath. I was still trying to deal with my
seduction of my little girl. Sure she had become a willing participant
at the end of the sexual encounter, but I knew if I had not had her get
into seductive poses or played to her vanity, the sexual encounter would
not have happened. The one thing I had to admit to myself was, now that
the genie had been let out of the bottle their was no way I could put it
back in. I was going to continue to use my daughter for my sexual
pleasure. I could tell myself that I would make sure she enjoyed it too,
but realistically I was more concerned with my own sexual pleasure. I
loved her as my daughter, but also I loved her preteen body. It was so
fresh and unsoiled, I enjoyed being her first lover. As a matter of
fact, that alone turned me on, being her first lover was sexually
exciting. I was already contemplating what would happen next, how would
she react to oral and anal sex. Did I want to stick my cock in her
little mouth, did I want to stick my cock in her tight little asshole or
pussy? The answer of course was a resounding Yes.

"So are you ready to watch the video?" I asked her. "Sure Daddy, can I
sit on your lap like I used to? Of course I replied, "That sounds like a
great idea, I missed that closeness a lot." What I could have added if I
was honest was, "I want to feel your warm butt against my cock." We took
our drinks into the living room, I made sure the curtains were tightly
closed. The one thing I didn't need was a peeping tom or nosy neighbor
looking in and seeing me engaging in sexual intercourse with my
daughter. Yeah I was sure that things would progress even further down
that path. I had peeked her interest and she had her first orgasm, she
was hooked and would soon do whatever her daddy wanted. Did I feel like
a heel or a bad father, the sad answer was no. I was enjoying what I was
doing and in the back of my mind I wondered if somewhere down the line I
could involve some of her little girlfriends. But for now I would
concentrate on the fruit of my loins, the thin little girl with the
bubble ass, my daughter.

I inserted the videotape in the VCR and sat down in my recliner, my
little girl lost no time in climbing on my lap. She surprised me by
turning around and kissing me on the lips. Then she wiggled her warm
little but against my semi hard dick and announced, "Let start the tape,
did you take close-ups of my pussy?" I replied, "You will see, do you
like the idea of seeing yourself naked doing nasty things?" She turned
and said, "You know daddy it does make me feel funny down there, I know
it is nasty but I like the idea of showing you my naked body." I quickly
gave her a squeeze and said, "And I like looking at." Sissy giggled and
again ground her tight little ass into my lap, I was surprised at how
fast she was learning how to stimulate her dear old daddy. Not that I
was complaining. I pressed the start button on the remote control and
lowered the lights. My thirty five inch TV soon was displaying in clear
detail the events of the previous hour. The scene opened up with my
little girl on her bed, her nightgown hiked up and her panties showing.
She appeared to be reading a magazine and as we watched her hand moved
down to her panty covered pussy. "You really liked looking at me
touching my pussy, didn't you daddy?" Sissy whispered over her shoulder.
I admitted that watching her touch herself was a big turn on. "I guess
it still is, I can feel your cock getting hard." She said and then to be
sure she was right, she maneuvered herself so that my cock was nestled
in the crack of her ass. I moved my cock up and down in the crack of her
ass and she giggled pushing back with her butt. I attention returned to
the video but my hand moved up to her flat chest, finding her hard
little nipples. I rubbed them gently and she sighed. My other hand found
a home on one of her bare knees. I traced circles on her soft flesh just
above her knee, I had every intention of moving my hand up her thigh and
finding the fleshy lips of her pussy, but not too fast. I was getting
into teasing her, figuring the more I teased her the hotter she would
be. I knew getting her to put my cock in her mouth would not be easy,
the hotter she was the better were my chances.

On the TV she had pulled her nightgown up and was rubbing her nipples,
she had no tits to speak of but you could see by the look on her face
she was enjoying playing with her immature nipples. "I like touching
myself there daddy, do your nipples get hard too if you touch them?" She
asked. I prodded her, "Why don't you see for yourself." Sissy lost no
time in turning around and straddling my lap she opened my robe. finding
a nipple she rubbed it. Her touch made my nipple erect and she said,
"Daddy your nipple is as hard as a rock, you do like it don't you?" I
nodded and asked, "I would like it better if you licked and sucked on it
honey." Sissy again giggled her little girl giggle, "Daddy you are such
a piggy, you want me to suck on it like a little baby don't you."
Laughing she pushed my robe to the side and started to lick my hard
nipple. I just laid back with my eyes closed and enjoyed the sensation
of her little tongue on my man tit. I soon asked huskily, "Suck on it,"
Sissy being a good daughter did as I asked and she wrapped her little
lips around the nipple and gently sucked. By this time my cock was fully
hard, she now was slowly moving her cunt against it, rubbing it slowly
back and forth over my fully erect penis. Whether she knew what she was
doing or nature was taking its course, didn't matter to me I was
enjoying it. "Watch yourself rubbing your clit, didn't that feel good?
See your mommy is wrong, touching yourself is not bad." My daughter's
lips left my nipple and she turned her head to watch herself on the TV
screen. After a moment she rubbed her cunt against my cock and said, "My
finger felt good but your cock feels even better." She pressed her lips
against mine and I pushed my tongue into her mouth. She quickly got the
idea and her little tongue did a dance against mine. I grabbed her
little asscheeks and pushed her back and forth against my cock as we
continued to tongue kiss. I realized that it we kept this up I would
cum, so I eased her off my lap. Then I pulled her nightgown over her
head, she offered no resistance, trusting me completely. I brought her
close to me and started to lick her little pale pink nipples. She
responded by moaning and pressing her flat chest against me. At the same
time I reached under her nightgown and kneaded the cheeks of her ass. I
have to admit at no time in my life had I ever been so turned on as this
night, enjoying a preteen is the most exciting sexual experience. The
fact that the preteen is your own daughter is even more exciting.

I ran one of my fingers up and down the crack of her ass, she seemed to
like that, rubbing her ass against the probing digit. I wondered if my
daughter was like her mother, Janet, my ex-wife loved anal sex. If I
probed between her asscheeks with my tongue she would do anything. She
loved being rimmed, I would stick my tongue right up her asshole and she
would go absolutely wild. I made up my mind if the opportunity presented
itself I would do the same to my daughter. Unable to stop myself my
finger moved down to her pussy which by this time was wet with her
leaking pussy cream. I ran my finger through her pussy crack, coating it
with her cream. Then I found her little asshole, it was no bigger then
the tip of my pinkie and closed tight. I started to rub the lubricating
cream all over her anal opening. She reacted by turning her ass in
circles, rubbing her asshole against the probing finger. I am sure she
did not understand what she was doing and her sexual feelings were
taking control of her body movements. I wanted to push my finger into
her asshole, Sissy seemed to want the same thing and slowly my pussy
cream covered finger gained entrance to her little asshole. At first it
moved slowly into the warm anal canal, but then as if her ass had a mind
of its own, she pushed down on the invading digit, allowing it to move
all the way into her steamy asshole. I could tell she liked the feeling
by the sounds she was now making. Up and down, round and round her ass
went on my finger. "Daddy I like your finger in my butt, it feels funny
but real nice." Do you like touching my poopie hole, You dick feels even
harder now. She had wrapped one of her hands around the shaft of my
dick. "Does it feel good when I rub it, am I doing it right?" I had to
admit to myself she was a little tentative, but just the fact it was my
daughter's hand was enough to cause me to shudder in pleasure. Again I
did not want to cum yet, I had other things planned. To be honest I had
dreams of shooting my cum into her mouth. I know it is a terrible thing
to do to your own daughter, but I would venture to bet that most of you
would do the same thing under those circumstances.

Now I wanted to taste her pussy and slowly removing my finger from her
asshole I pulled her towards the chair. Then I guided her into the it,
draping her legs over the arms of the chair I opened her up. I got on my
knees and for several moments just admired her pussy and little asshole.
Both were spread wide by her position, her vagina looked so small
compared to the woman I had fucked before. I found myself contemplating
how tight it would feel around my cock. That is if my cock would even
fit inside her little hole. Her little clit looked inviting and I knew
soon I would be licking and sucking the little piece of erectile flesh.
Then I turned my attention her asshole, the darker pink rosebud had
closed already, The muscle had retained it strength, talk about tight,
if I fucked her in the ass, it would feel like a fleshy vise on my cock.
I knew she would be mine, but how did I want to enjoy her charms, that
was the question in my mind. But for now It was my turn to provide her
with pleasure and I was going to do my best to make this the most
memorable night of her life. I moved in between her thighs and started
to lick her little pussy slit. She gasped loudly when my tongue made
contact with her wet little slit. Running my tongue up and down her slit
I moved closer and closer to her little clit. I savored the taste of her
pussy cream, it was not as strong tasting as an adult woman. She seemed
to know instinctively that the little bump at the top of her pussy was
the main source of her pleasure and she kept trying to make contact with
my tongue with it. I wanted to tease her and kept pulling my tongue back
from her clit. I got her to the point where she was moaning in
exasperation, then I made contact with her clit. When my tongue made
contact with her clit she shuddered and had an orgasm. That was the
first of this encounter but would not be the last.

I continued to tease, licking her clit and then moving back down her
pussy slit. She was almost ready but I still had one more thing to do
before I moved to the next step. I lifted her legs up giving me complete
access to her asshole and then started to lick her anus. I was mildly
surprised by her reaction, she screamed in pleasure and started to hump
her asshole against my tongue. Now I was sure she was her mother's
daughter. "Oh daddy don't stop, it is so nasty, but I love how it feels.
Keep licking I feel myself getting ready to get that gooey feeling
again." I watched her finger find her clit and start to rub it. My
little girl was now completely my lover and I pushed my tongue past the
resisting anal muscle and into her asshole. The taste of her ass was
slightly bitter but I loved it just the same. I continued to tongue fuck
her ass while she rubbed her clit. I was going to make her cum one more
time before I asked her to provide me with pleasure. The speed of her
ass moving back and forth and her finger on her clit indicated the time
was close for her next orgasm. I pushed my tongue as far as I could up
her ass and that was the final straw. She came with a loud whimper. I
watched as a little river of cream ran out of her pussy and down to my
thrusting tongue. She cried out, "Daddy don't stop, keep licking my
poopie hole, it feels so good." Then slowly her movements slowed down
and she collapsed in the chair. I withdrew my tongue from her asshole
and licked up her body. Then I pushed my tongue still tasting of her
asshole into her mouth. To my surprise she started to suck on my tongue.
Now my turn for some oral fun was fast approaching.

Standing up I moved my cock close to her face to give her a close up
view of my fleshy member. Her eyes were glued to my rock hard shaft and
one of her hands moved up to grasp my cock. She moved it around
tentatively examining every inch of it. "Daddy what is that wet stuff
coming out, is it pee?" She asked. I explained that it was precum, a
lubricating fluid that would come out when a man was going to have sex.
I told her how it would help me put my cock in her pussy. Looking at my
cock she said, "That will never fit in my little hole, I can hardly get
my little finger in my pussy." I then explained how her pussy would
stretch to allow my cock to enter. I could tell she was very doubtful
that what I was saying was true. Then she started to touch and heft my
balls. "Daddy what are these for, boy are they hairy." I told her that
they made sperm, which was something that men put in woman so they could
have a baby. "If you put your sperm in me will I have a baby?" I told
her no, she was too young to get pregnant, I hoped I was right. Then she
started to rub her hand back and forth on my cock, looking up at me as
if to say am I doing it right. I wrapped my hand around hers and guided
her in her actions. Soon she had gotten the idea of what I wanted and
she was happily jerking me off. I allowed her to continue for a moment
but soon had to stop her or I would cum all over her face. Not that the
idea was not a pleasant one, but I had other ideas.

"Sissy I want you to do something for me." I asked the object of my
desire. "What do you want me to do daddy?" She replied a little
doubtfully. I explained that I want her to lick my penis and then put it
in her mouth and suck on it. Sissy made a face and whined, "Daddy you
want me to put the thing you pee out of in my mouth, god that is so
yucky." Now I had to use all my devious charm and play on the fact that
I had licked her pussy which she peed out of. "Sissy it is very clean
and don't forget I licked your pussy and I know you pee from there. I
didn't complain and I seem to remember you liked the feeling a lot." Her
face took on the look of thinking about what I had said. I pressed on,
"I tell you what just lick the tip and see how you like the taste. If
you don't like it we can do something else." She thought for a moment
and then her little tongue exited from between her lips and took a
tentative swipe across the head of my cock. I could see some of my
precum coating the tip of her tongue just before she pulled it back into
her mouth. I could see she was savoring the taste trying to decide if it
was to her liking. I was pretty sure she would like it, I had tasted my
own precum many times and knew its slightly salty taste would meet with
her approval. Kids loved salt and she was no different. She looked up
and offered, "Daddy I like the taste, I will lick it some more but I
don't know about putting it in my mouth. Does sperm taste the same?" I
told her, "It tastes even better." I took a chance, some woman love the
taste of cum, others could not stomach it. I hoped my daughter was in
the I love it school. I would soon find out.

My daughter started to lick the head of my cock, her little tongue felt
exquisite. I closed my eyes and just reveled in her oral ministrations.
Soon I wanted the whole enchilada, I wanted to shove as much of my cock
in her little mouth as would fit. The idea of shooting my warm cum into
her virgin mouth made my dick produce a copious amount of precum which
was quickly licked up by her little tongue. "Honey just try to get the
head in your mouth, daddy would love that and later I have something
else to show you that you will love." She tentatively opened her mouth
and took just part of the head into the warm wet maw. I did not push it
in further, not wanting to alarm her. I told her to move her mouth back
and forth, I took one of her hands and wrapped it around the shaft of my
cock. Then I moved her hand back and forth until she got the idea and
continued jerking my cock on her own. My moans of pleasure must have
turned her on as now she started to take more and more of my cock into
her mouth. When she had about three inches in she stopped, I figured
that was as much as she was going to take the first time around. It was
enough and now I just allowed the feeling of her mouth and hand to move
me towards what I knew would be a massive orgasm. I pictured her trying
to take all my cum in her mouth, would she swallow it or spit it out.
Even if she tried to swallow it all would she be able to, or would some
escape from her mouth and run down her chin. The answer was not far off.
I could not hold out any longer and with a loud groan the first gob of
cum left my pee hole and shot into her mouth. Now would she spit my cock
out or continue to suck it. When the second and third gobs shot out into
her mouth I knew she was not going to allow any of my cum to escape. At
least that was what she was trying to do, there was so much cum she
could not take it all and as I watched some escaped and started to run
down her chin. I kept cumming, it was such a powerful cum that it almost
hurt. When I finished cumming I dropped to my knees and started to lick
and kiss her face. The fact that I was eating my own cum seemed to
excite her and her cum covered tongue shot into my mouth. We started to
exchange my cum back and forth until she swallowed the last of it.
"Daddy that was fun, I loved do that to you. Maybe we could do it to
each other at the same time. You know I would lick you while you lick
me." She asked with a gleeful smile. I smiled and said that was a great
idea, but soon I wanted to try something else. She wanted to know, "What
are we going to do next." I told her to be patient and lets just sit
together while daddy recovers. I explained to her that it would be
awhile before I could do it again.

After just laying together, my arms around my daughter for a little
while, the closeness of her naked body started to have an effect on my
dick. She giggled when it started to grow slowly, "Why is it growing
daddy?" I explained that being next to her was causing me to get
excited. "Boy daddy, you get excited a lot, I like that." How could I
tell her that I would not have been able to get hard this fast again
with a normal woman, it was because she was so young and pure. I started
to kiss her and she responded entausically, returning my kiss and
darting her tongue into my mouth. We continued to kiss and I stroked her
little nipples and bald little cunt. But the real object of my desire
was her tight little asshole. I got up and pulled her onto the floor,
she complied without complaint. I think she was excited to experience
her next sexual experience. I got her on all fours and moving behind her
I started to lick down from the top of the crack of her ass to her
asshole, my little girl was enjoying my oral loving, I could tell from
the way her ass was moving and the sounds of pleasure that were escaping
from her mouth. Soon I had a good part of my tongue inserted in her
tight little anus. She was moving her ass back and forth fucking my
tongue and I knew my time was coming. I stopped and stood up, she turned
her head and asked, "Daddy why did you stop, I was getting close to that
gooey feeling again." I told her I would be right back and went to the
bathroom to get something that I needed to complete my conquest of my
daughter's asshole. I took the tube of KY Jelly out of the medicine
cabinet and went back into the living room. My daughter had laid down on
the floor, but on my return she got back on all fours and wiggled her
little bubble ass at me. She had almost completed the journey from
innocent little girl to shameless preteen slut. I was happy with the
outcome of the innocent photo session. I knew that any older woman would
bore me from now on. I loved my little girl, but knew variety is the
spice of life and started to formulate a plan to keep me supplied with
young preteen girls. Photography would soon pay big rewards both
sexually and monetarily.

I knelt down and started to tease her again running my tongue up and
down her asscrack. As much as she liked that, she kept moving her ass
up, I knew she was trying to get my tongue on her asshole. Being a good
daddy I soon had my tongue back inside her anal canal. Her ass moved
back and forth faster and faster as she neared another orgasm. My cock
was rock hard and dripping precum, I was extremely excited by her
reaction to my rim job. Then I heard her start to pant and she gave out
with several moans. She was coming, my hand went to her wet cunt and
rubbed her clit adding to her excitement. I wanted this to be her
strongest orgasm and I succeeded. After she came, she collapsed on the
floor a smile on her face. I let her catch her breath and then told her
I wanted to put my cock in her asshole. She looked at me, gazing into my
eyes, "Will it hurt?" I told her at first it might be a little
uncomfortable, but seeing how much she liked my tongue I told her she
would love my dick. I also told her that I would use something that
would make it easier and would be very careful not to hurt her. "Okay
daddy I trust you." With that I urged her back on all fours. I gently
parted her asscheeks and gazed fondly on the object of my desire. The
pink puckered asshole stood out from her white flesh. It was still wet
from my oral assault, I gave it a little lick and then applied a liberal
amount of KY Jelly to the wrinkled muscle. Then slowly I pushed one
finger into the warm hole, she sighed and did not complain. I started to
finger fuck her asshole and soon added a second finger. Instead of
complaining she started to moan in pleasure, Like her mother she derived
a lot of her sexual pleasure from her anus. Some woman just love to get
fucked up the ass and my daughter was one of them. Lucky me.

I knew the time was right and I guided my rock hard dick to her little
asshole. I first just rubbed the head gently against Sissy's tightly
closed asshole. My cock head looked huge in comparison with her little
anus. I started to stroke her clit to try to take her mind off the
eventual penetration of my penis into her anal canal. Between my own
precum and the KY the head of my cock slowly started to spread the
opening and gain entrance. She grunted as the head slowly moved inside
her asshole. My eyes could not tear themselves away from the sight of my
cock slowly going in that little asshole. It was obscene but highly
erotic at the same time. I was fucking my little girl in the ass, my
only concern was my own sexual pleasure, I knew it was wrong but could
not stop. If she had objected I knew I would not have stopped. But
thankfully she seemed to accept and enjoy the feeling of my dick in her
bowels. Soon I found that she had taken as much of my cock in her ass as
she could and at that point I started to fuck her ass. The pressure of
her anal muscle on my cock was so tight that it was almost painful. I
knew I would not last long, so I did not try to hold back. I wanted to
shoot my whole load in her ass. As I approached my orgasm, I rubbed her
clit harder and faster. Soon her moans and whimpers told me she was
close again and timing it as close as possible I started to cum as she
shuddered with her own orgasm. I felt like my cock was being milked as
her orgasm caused her asshole to contract on my cock. It was one of
those orgasms that you remember for the rest of your life. Finally my
cock started to shrink and I slowly pulled it out of her asshole. After
it had exited I noticed her asshole remained partly open with my cum
slowly dripping out. Unable to control myself I returned to her asshole
and licked at the open hole. She shuddered with pleasure as I ate the
remainder of my cum from the slowly closing asshole of my preteen
daughter. "Daddy that was fun and it felt so good, if you put your cock
in my pussy does it feel that good?" She asked, sprawled out on the
floor completely spent. I told her it would feel even better when I
fucked her little pussy. She smiled and asked when can we do that. I
told her that I had to think about that for awhile. But for the rest of
the weekend we could continue to give each other oral and anal pleasure.
"Daddy next time can I put my finger in your poopie hole?" I thought
that was a great idea and told her yes.

As we lay in bed together too tired to do any more I asked her, "Sissy
do you have any young friends that might want to model?" She looked at
me kind of funny and said, "Why daddy do you want to do the same thing
to them as you did to me?" I smiled and told her the truth, "You will
always be my favorite but sometimes I would like to try some other young
girls. You might like to try them too." She seemed to contemplate that
and then said, "Judy Jensen is always teasing the boys, she might be
interested. I will see if she is interested." I remembered Judy, she was
also eleven and quite cute, the one thing I remembered is that she had
little tits the size of lemons. Yes she would do fine. "Why don't you
see if she wants to sleepover next weekend." Sissy smiled and replied,
"Ok, but you have to promise me, I will always be your favorite?" I told
her she had no worries about that. Soon she was sleeping in my arms and
I started to figure on how I would post her photos and video captures in
some preteen newsgroups. I did not know how well received they would be.
It was to be the start of a very profitable business. But I will tell
you that story in a later part of "Daddy's Little Model"
2004-01-23 15:41:13 UTC
Story Daddy's Little Model - Part 2 of 8 (mf, cons, pedo, incest)
By Keyman
Though I've looked in the NGs and searched, I cannot find part-1 to
this story.

Can/will you post it or steer me to where I can locate it?

Thanks ...

2004-01-23 17:41:46 UTC
Post by PoGo
Story Daddy's Little Model - Part 2 of 8 (mf, cons, pedo, incest)
By Keyman
Though I've looked in the NGs and searched, I cannot find part-1 to
this story.
Can/will you post it or steer me to where I can locate it?
Thanks ...
Try here: http://makeashorterlink.com/?D1B742A27
2004-01-23 22:25:24 UTC
Post by twolf3
Post by PoGo
Story Daddy's Little Model - Part 2 of 8 (mf, cons, pedo, incest)
By Keyman
Though I've looked in the NGs and searched, I cannot find part-1 to
this story.
Can/will you post it or steer me to where I can locate it?
Thanks ...
Try here: http://makeashorterlink.com/?D1B742A27