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2004-01-02 04:48:52 UTC
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I was helping my girlfriend babysit for her 1 1/2 year old niece. We
were down in the basement rec room lying on the couch watching TV and
the baby was playing on the floor. My girlfriend, Karen and I were
very horny and we had been making out and getting pretty hot and heavy
all evening. I had been doing my usual exploration of her lovely 17
year old body.... working my hands down her jeans and moving my
fingers through her wet hairy pussy. She was very wet and would shove
her tongue deep inside my mouth every time I would put my fingers up
into her cunt. After awhile I would work my hand around back to her
ass and move it slowly between her ample cheeks, working my finger
towards her puckered little asshole, and gently manipulate my finger a
little bit at a time into her hole. With each push of my finger
against her anus, she would squirm and moan, and continue to work her
tongue deeper into my mouth. This went on for hours at a time.
Eventually Karen sat up and said "Shit... the baby needs to be
changed for bed and the diapers are upstairs." Karen was a little bit
tipsy from some beers we had stolen from the fridge earlier. I could
tell she was in no mood to take the baby upstairs to change her.
Without thinking, I told her not to worry about it.... I would help
her out and go up and change the baby. What the heck, she was a cute
little kid and I didn't mind. Karen said, "you are such a sweety to do
that for me" and she kissed me and grabbing the bulge in my jeans,
promised that I would be getting a nice reward when I came back
I took little Jessica upstairs to her bedroom. She had a crib and a
regular sized bed for when she would be old enough to sleep in it. I
laid her down on the bed, and looked around for the diapers. I found a
diaper, some baby wipes, and a bottle of baby powder on the bureau.
I walked back to Jessica and began to say a silent prayer that she
wouldn't have a load of shit in her pants. I wasn't into dealing with
that. I unsnapped her nighty and pulled pulled it up to her chest. As
I began removing her diaper I slowly looked inside and realized that
she was wet with piss but hadn't crapped in her diaper. That was a
I took some baby wipes out of the box and began to clean her up. It
suddenly occurred to me that I had never really taken a good look at a
babies pussy before. I had changed my cousin's diaper before but he
was a boy. As I wiped her little bottom I looked at her face and saw
that she was smiling at me. I guess it felt good to have your pussy
and ass cleaned up after sitting in a diaper full of piss for a few
I looked back at her vagina and began to get a twinge of excitement.
Her puffy little mound was turning a light shade of pink from being
rubbed by the baby wipes. She had a really pretty little slit that
ran from her ass cheeks up to a fat little mound of flesh that would
one day be her hairy pussy. I thought of Karen's hot wet cunt
downstairs and realized that it wasn't so long ago that her pussy
looked like Jessica's.
I pushed Jessica's knees apart a little bit and the slit opened up
ever so slightly, revealing a darker red gash inside. Now I was
getting horny and curious.I placed a finger on each side of her slit
and gently opened the lips apart, revealing the inside of her cute
little vagina. It looked a lot like Karen's in a miniature version.
I was starting to shake with excitement and nervousness. I heard a
noise and jumped thinking it was Karen, but it was only the cat
jumping off a chair.
I looked back at the gorgeous little twat in front of me and I knew
I had to taste it. I looked over my shoulder and then quickly bent
over and kissed her right between the slit with my lips. I stood up
fast and looked over my shoulder again.
Nobody there. That quick kiss didn't satisfy me. My cock was harder
than it had been all night fondling Karen's pussy and ass. It felt
like it was going to explode. I bent over once more and this time put
my tongue between her slit. I licked up and down and darted in and out
of her tiny hole. I pushed her knees back against her chest and her
little tushy was pointing up at me. I lapped at her asshole and
swirled my tongue around her little puckered butthole, then gave her
one final slurp from her anus all the way up to the top of the slit. I
stood back up and looking around one last time, I unzipped my pants
and pulled out my cock. I was beyond control at that point. All of the
foreplay with Karen earlier and now having actually licked a baby's
pussy was just too much to hold back. I started stroking my cock as
Jessica watched me from the bed, not knowing what I was even doing. I
pulled her over to the edge of the bed so her pussy was right below my
cock. I stroked it hard and the head was inches away from her open
red cunt. My left had spread her lips open as my right hand worked
furiously up and down my shaft. It only took a few hard strokes and
before I knew it I was shooting my hot white cum all over that little
red cunt. The globs of jit just kept gushing out my my penis and
spraying hard all over her puffy mound and belly. The milky cum began
to drip down between her slit and cover her asshole. As my orgasm
subsided, I began to rub the head of my cock in the puddle of jit
that filled her twat. She smiled as I rubbed my soft smooth cock head
across her pussy and ass, sliding it between her butt cheeks. It must
have felt like lotion to her.
I quickly realized that I better clean up fast. I zipped up my pants
and used another baby wipe to clean all the cumm out of her cunt and
off her ass and belly. I needed three wipes to get it all. I quickly
put on her diaper and dressed her again. I carried her downstairs and
we found Karen passed out on the couch. I tried to wake her up but she
was out cold from the beers! Looks like she was out for the night. I
took Jessica upstairs and put her in her crib, but not before giving
her a big wet kiss on the lips and even slipping my tongue in her
mouth a bit. She had been my little sweety that night and I told her
to sleep tight.
I went back downstairs and nudged up beside Karen on the couch and
settled down to watch the movie.
2004-01-02 16:45:59 UTC
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